Leslie Montalvo

I have been a licensed cosmetologist for nine years. I decided I would attend a trade school to help pay my way through college. I soon learned after completing cosmetology school and working in a salon that I was in love with the industry. I love watching people smile; I want to make them forget about their worries or troubles while they sit in my chair. I want to make them laugh and feel better about themselves. I was given my great-grandfathers very worn thinning shears; he was a barber. By holding them I felt that I needed to tap into that trade. In 2016 I decided to further my education and add to my craft, I attended and completed barber school.

My parents are a unique dynamic duo, they both continue to inspire me. They have always supported and encouraged me to keep pursuing my dreams. No matter how small or big. I have watched the work ethic my dad has displayed and I truly admire it. It shows me no matter where or what you come from, hard work, determination, and consistency will help you achieve your goals.

My dad has always said, if you love what you do, you’ll never work a day of your life. I am truly blessed to say I not only love the hair industry, I am passionate about it!


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Daryl Reis

I started barbering in 2008. My barber at that time told me that I should go to school because I knew how to draw. I thought to myself “what does that have to do with hair” I laughed about it then I signed up. Six months into the school is when I met fellow Johnny B Ambassador Luis Gonsalves at a local restaurant and from there our bond has never been broken and we’ve been working together for almost 9 years now.

My music selection is kind of more of R&B and also EDM but then sometimes I like to listen to what these young kids listen to just because of the production of the song but the lyrics are garbage. Lol. So in my top rotation right now is Tory Lanez, Post Malone, Fabolous, Drake, Future, Migos.

I’ve been on several vacations especially in the past couple years but I have to say that my favorite trip was my first time going to Los Angeles. I’ve always dreamed about going to Los Angeles because I just like the atmosphere and the ambiance and the culture. I so happen to achieve my dream when I went out there for the Johnny B Grand Prix and then a couple months later went back again for the Johnny B Barber Academy.

One of the extracurricular activities I like to do is photography. My passion of barbering consumes most of my time so I honestly haven’t done much lately but when I get a chance to take out the camera it never leaves my hand.

My favorite Johnny B product consistently keeps changing because the hair styles keep changing. One minute my favorite is gel then the next is Street Cream, the number one product that I use is actually a tool, the Fade Comb. I use that comb on every single haircut and when my comb broke I felt lost so now I have several of each tool.

The number one person I must thank is my mother Peggy Reis. She is my best friend and number one supporter she’s also my number one fan. The moment I told her I was going to barber school she supported me from the moments where I thought about giving up to the moments that have exceeded my expectations and has brought me to travel across the United States. So now at any chance I get to support her I do so because I owe her everything. I have to however, give a big shout out to my main man and my other best friend Luis Gonsalves. My other supporter in this industry that has shown me the ropes to become the barber that I am today. I’m so glad I ran into this man at a local restaurant and interrupted his dinner with his friends and family just so I can introduce myself also I’d like tto congratulate him on his successful business.


Juan Vera

I started cutting my own hair at the age of 13. Not because I knew how to do it, but out of necessity. I had just moved from East Chicago,IN to Brownsville, TX to live with my grandmother and there wasn’t a lot of money in the budget for haircuts. After learning to cut my own hair I started cutting  my cousins, brother and then some of the basketball and football players. I started to really like it but just never thought of it as a profession. Never did I think with some Walmart clippers and an instructional VHS tape, Yes! One you put in a VCR, that I would be where I am today. After high school I did everything from construction, sales, and many other jobs ending up in managing restaurants. I made a lot of good and bad decisions along the way but always looking forward and raising along with my wife our 4 beautiful children. After seeing how mainstream and popular being a barber was and knowing I still had that skill, I decided to go back to school and do something I was passionate about. Since cutting hair isn’t work for me I find myself doing something I love. Sometimes the greatest things in our lives come out of necessity, I guess. But here I am today with not only having the privilege to work alongside a great family like Johnny B. but also the owner of Zion Barbershop in Brownsville, TX with a great team by my side.

I have to say that one of the highest rotations at my shop is Christian music. My favorite bands are Jesus Culture, Elevation Worship, Bethel, but I’m open to any genre of music that gives a positive message and it encourages people in a positive way.

 The best road trip has got to be when we would travel from Texas to Indiana back in the day. When our parents thought it was a good idea to put 8 crazy cousins and siblings in the back of the pick-up truck with a camper on it for a 30 hour road trip. Just being carefree, talking and playing games, eating and torturing each other. Along with everything we’d see along the way.

When I’m not at the shop or spending time with my family, I like to do community outreach and ministry. Since I was a troubled teen and I made some mistakes and bad decisions in my life, I attended bible seminary school and received my ministers license. I am currently a youth pastor at Tierra Bella Church in Brownsville, TX. My goal is always to help youth discover how unique and creative they are in God’s eyes and discover what they want to do and who they are by making positive choices.

Fuddy is my favorite Johnny B. product. Why? Because it has a great hold with volume and sometimes finish it off with a little Smash Spray for that extra clean look.

I would like to thank God first and foremost.Special thanks to Johnny B. for welcoming me into their family. Also, my lovely wife for always believing in me and sticking by my side. Special shout out to Jon, Kat, Sam and Isaiah.


Interested in becoming a Johnny B. Ambassador?

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