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David Parras

I have been a barber for about 8 years now and it is with passion and care that I do it; however, that was not the case at the beginning. Cutting hair was not part of the dreams or goals that I had set for myself, but when necessity and pressure hit I had but one choice to make.

I was selling homes and when the recession started in 2007. Nobody wanted to buy homes so I was left jobless. I started looking into my previous jobs, but no one was hiring. In actuality, everybody I knew was losing their jobs. My mom owned a beauty salon and for about a year she had been asking me to work with her, saying that I would be good at it. I had always denied it and to be honest, it was because I saw cutting hair as a demeaning job for a person who had gone to a prestigious University.

She was the only one who gave me a job and I started as a cashier. After one week of seeing how many people would leave her salon due to the lack of barbers, I was forced to go into barbering school. I hated it at first, but when I started doing designs, I started liking it. When I saw that people felt good after a good haircut and their confidence boosted, I started liking it more. I realized that we, as barbers and cosmetologists, do more than just cut hair. We elevate people’s confidence, make their bad day into a good day. We influence their whole outlook for the day and I started to love the craft.

I listen to Christian music mostly in Spanish and it ranges from alternative rock to grupero to rap and hip hop… yup, all Christian. I listen mostly to Alex Campos, Jesus Adrian Romero and Marcos Barrientos. They set the mood for my long hours of work.

I don’t remember the year, but I was about 8-10 years old and we were going from our hometown to Monterrey, in Mexico, to visit some friends of the family. Along the way, we made several stops to eat and to have fun and the one that I remember the most is a four wheeler track we visited. While my older brother and I raced the four wheelers, he being fearless, topped the speed and in a sharp turn, flipped over the tire rails and fell. It was shocking and awesome at the same time. Nothing happened to him, thankfully. It was the most memorable trip I have ever had.

My favorite Johnny B. product is the Street Cream and the Molding Paste. I like to cocktail them together. Occasionally, I use Clash when I want a stronger hold.

I want to thank my mom for introducing me to the craft of barbering. For when everyone was struggling through the recession, I had a job that kept paying the bills. A huge thanks to Johnny B., who influenced me to keep my career afloat because after 5 years of barbering, I was burned out and wanted to change career paths. Johnny B. opened up a whole new level for me and I was inspired by Johnny B. Barbers to be more than what I was.


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Olivia Jimenez

As an artist, I have always been intrigued by the creativity in haircutting.  I crave it, and the cosmetology/barbering path has much of it to offer.  Having a big family has worked to my benefit.  I started cutting my nephew’s hair when I was 13.  As I grew older, haircutting became a passion.  At age 27, after many career changes and a photography certification, it was time to make my true passion a career.  I graduated from Milan Institute of Cosmetology in January 2014.

I’ve worked hard and built a strong clientele base since then.  I’ve attended hair shows and made it a goal to one day be a platform artist at one.  For some reason, Deep House music gets me in hair show artist mode.  I blast it now and then to get that feeling and not give up on my goal. Deep House music motivates me to do hair things.  Music is one of the biggest influences in my life.  I can go from old school Hip Hop to Cumbia Columbiana in the matter of a Pandora station shuffle.  Some of my recent go-to’s are in the Reggaeton genre. Nicky Jam and J.Balvin have had me in the greatest productive work days.

The best road trip I’ve taken was to Guadalajara, Jalisco in 2011.  It was the greatest soul cleansing trips yet.  I had the opportunity to regain a part of myself I thought was lost while growing into adulthood.   The childhood passions and dreams resurfaced.   The trip’s journey was priceless.   A drive from Amarillo, Texas to El Paso, Texas and crossing the border to Juarez, Mexico on foot.  Being picked up in Juarez to ride in the back of a camper and driven to the airport to catch a flight to my destination, Jalisco!  Everything  about that place made me happy.  From the people, food, art, and scenery, to the simplicity of the Mexican culture of living.  I felt peace in my mind.  I came back to Texas with a new outlook to life.  I started cosmetology school shortly after that trip.

Learning about cultures, including my own, is one of my favorite things to do when not doing hair.  Watching documentaries, trying new foods, and discovering new music feeds my soul.

The Johnny B. Cutting Cape was how my Johnny B. love affair started.  I came across the red cape in cosmetology school and bought a blue one for myself.  I’ve only used Johnny B, capes for my haircuts since then.  I also became obsessed with the whole product line after that.  I use Original Pomade most of all and it can be considered my favorite product yet.  Short or long hair, I use it as a moisturizer or fragrance enhancer to the client’s final style.

I thank God, my family, friends, and now clients for their endless support. They uplift my spirits at every chance given.  I truly live my passion through them.  I am fulfilled making them proud. Shout out to my Johnny B. family for backing me up on my future goals.  OneLove!


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Chris Ramirez

It takes years for an ordinary barber to become an extraordinary, go-to barber, and for the first time in my life, I know I’m there.

In 2010, I was on my way out of the US Navy. I wanted an independent career that I could be creative with, which led me to start a barber apprenticeship in South Carolina. I was unable to finish my hours by the time I was expected to come back to Texas so when I returned to my hometown of San Antonio, I decided to enroll at Vogue College of Cosmetology to improve my skills with the shears. I later returned to get my Instructor’s license.

Ms. Lozano, the Director at Vogue, was my biggest influence. She had confidence in me even when I did not in myself.

Chet Faker is my go to station on Pandora. When I need a pick-me-up, I will put on some Skrillex.

I took leave from the Navy in 2009 to leave my car at home and went on a road trip from Connecticut to Texas. I stopped in Baltimore, MD to pick up my best friend (my mom) at the airport. We bonded and had an amazing road trip. I remember the beauty of the mountains of Virginia and Tennessee.

My favorite childhood memories are going fishing with my grandfather. I like the fast pace and big city lights but there’s nothing more relaxing to do in my free time than fishing.

Of all the Johnny B. products, I have to say Shampoo Paste is my favorite product.  Using it to shampoo or to shave is extremely relaxing and great for my clients’ skin.

I would like to thank Ms. Lozano, Miami the barber, and my Step Father for always mentoring me when I am in need of guidance.



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Gabriel Quinones

Initially, I got started in the industry by doing my own hair, not wanting to bother with having my parents spend money in a Barber Shop or having to inconvenience anyone to do my hair at home. I usually had my brother’s friends do my hair but one day, I picked up a pair of clippers and started doing my own haircuts.

My Aunt has always been the biggest influence in my career. At the time, my Aunt Diana was the only real person I knew who did hair day in and day out. Since the time I decided I wanted to get into the hair industry, she has influenced my craft and inspired me to do what I want.

At the moment, I’ve been listening to music the group Disclosure has been putting out. Recently, I’ve gotten into house lounge music. I’ve always been a fan of R&B so maybe that’s why I’ve been enjoying their type of music lately. It’s a mix of the two in a way.

The drive to Las Vegas is always a fun ride. However, the best road trip I’ve had was when I traveled to San Francisco. I went during Halloween for a performance Red Foo of Lmfao did. I was invited to just go up and have a good time so of course I made a two-day trip out of it.

If I can find time to do something that is considered a Hobby, I will call it reading. I can usually find the time to read in between flights and in hotels. Often times when I’m home off, I’m able to open up a good book I’m reading and lose myself in it.

My favorite Johnny B. product is Street Cream. I enjoy it because I use it often on myself. However! I have to say I enjoy using Shampoo Paste the most on my clients. I’m able to give a client a sense of relaxation and a bit of luxury. Either at the shampoo bowl during a scalp massage or when my client is reclined in the chair for a facial shave.

Being a part of the Johnny B. brand has been rewarding. I’ve been able to help pioneer the brand’s Educational Program throughout new parts of the country. I have been blessed to travel to places I probably wouldn’t have normally traveled to. Most importantly, I have been able to have great conversations with many people throughout the country who support the line. I want to thank everyone who has made a quick stop at our booths during the Trade Shows, signed up for Classes and given us love online. Special thanks to our Project Manager Socko who travels just as much as his lead educators and always inspires me to be better.


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Alan Bailey

I started barbering around 2002. I kinda fell into it when I was playing basketball in college. Everyone on the team wanted to look fresh. At the time, I was cutting my own hair and edging my beard up. My teammates started to take notice and asked me to hook them up. So I tried it and to my surprise, it came out pretty well. I haven’t looked back since. My influences are my family, friends, coworkers and clients. All of these people have contributed to me striving to be the best at what I do everyday and have also opened my mind to new beginnings.

We listen to Pandora at work so there isn’t a particular band or genre of music we listen to. My favorite station is called Hip Hop BBQ, which is old school hip hop and rap mixed together with new and current music. You might hear anything from Kid Ink to Vanilla Ice!!!

The best road trip I’ve ever been on was probably the drive all the way up to Victoria, Canada. I was young so I don’t remember most of it but it was an experience going over to Canada on a ferryboat, driving through rain, and eating all the fresh seafood in Oregon and Washington on the way there. I also did a Vegas turnaround trip in 18 hours, which was pretty dope. Vegas trips explain themselves so you don’t need the details!!!

When I get some time to myself, I spend it playing basketball or beach volleyball. I’m a competitive person by nature so I like to win and have fun at the same time.

Some of my favorite Johnny B. products are Street Cream, Shampoo Paste, A.M. After Shave, Smooth, and Mode. My clients seem to enjoy the hold as well as the smell of all the products but these are my top choices when it comes to using them on my clients!!

I would like to thank the Johnny B family and the Peroxide Beauty & Barbershop family for always pushing me and believing in my talents!! Shout outs to all my family, clients and friends!! CC and JB get some extra shout outs for pushing me.


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Christopher Gaspar

I’ve been cutting hair for 9 years, 3 of them professionally. I started cutting my friends’ and classmates’ hair at age 15 out of my mom’s garage. I got into barbering a couple of years out of high school. A close friend had just graduated from barber school, worked at a barbershop, and began cutting hair in the Navy.

This made me realize that barbering was a stable job, which was one of the traits I was looking for in a career. I can take my job anywhere if I need to relocate. The other trait I wanted in my career was providing customer service. I love helping people, talking to people, and making someone’s day better and that’s what I do everyday in barbering.

I couldn’t say I have a favorite band or musician because I like all types of music. I love music. I listen to music from the moment I wake up till I go to sleep. I would say I’m a music junkie. I listen to hip-hop, rap, country, rock, and reggaeton ex. If it’s on the radio, I’ll enjoy it. My phone has thousands of songs on it and I just hit shuffle.

I would have to say that my best road trip was in 2013 when I went to Las Vegas. The reason I had the time of my life was because Vegas is a real vacation, somewhere you can loosen up and relax. The music, lights, and entertainment Vegas has to offer will get your mind off everything back at home. But the main reason this trip was so memorable was in the presence of my close friends and family, I proposed to my soon-to-be wife at the Venetian on the gondola ride. Family is very important to me and this was the first step in having my own family to provide for and look after.

My favorite Johnny B. product would definitely be Johnny B. Dope. It smells great and has a great hold that lasts all day. It’s a water-based product, which makes it easy to wash out, but it doesn’t have an oily feel. It’s great for any type of hair, straight or curly. It can be applied wet or dry and never gets stiff or sticky. I personally use it everyday and it is now the second best seller in my shop behind Johnny B. Mode.


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Ashley Rocha Goulart

When I got my cosmetology license five years ago, men’s haircuts became my favorite. As a natural progression, I went back and got my barber’s license. My influences started from watching my dad cut his own hair and my hair. I began practicing on cutting my doll’s hair, then my sister’s, then my own. Knowing how much I enjoyed it, my parents helped push me to go further and make it my career.

My playlist always has a variety of music; I listen to different genres based on my mood. My go-to’s lately though would be The Black Keys, The Gaslight Anthem, The Weeks, The Raconteurs and Johnny Cash.

Two years ago, I got married. The day after the wedding, my husband and I took a 16-hour road trip to Angel Fire, New Mexico. It was my first time out of Texas. We made our way through Roswell, Santa Fe, and eventually made it to Angel Fire, where we spent a week in the mountains.

When I do have some free time, I still enjoy cutting hair, walking my dog, hanging out with my husband and friends, drawing, and doing Zumba.

My favorite Johnny B. product is Street Cream. I like the way it holds a blow-dried style, adds volume, and creates a natural sheen, especially on the popular combover styles.



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